01 October 2021

Connecting Kids with ConTempo is back!

Connecting Kids with ConTempo is a FREE initiative designed to help primary school children engage with classical music in a fun and creative way. In this four week series, we are exploring opposites in music: loud and soft, fast and slow, major and minor, and more. Children are invited to interact with the music through self-reflective questions and to respond to the music creatively.

The videos will be released on Fridays 1, 8, 15 & 22 October at 10am on Facebook & YouTube. They can be enjoyed by all ages, but are most suited to 3rd class onwards.

Each week, as they listen to the music performed by our ensemble in residence, the world-renowned ConTempo Quartet, the children are asked to think about these questions:
1. How does this music make me feel?
2. What does it make me think about or imagine?
3. What do I like best about it?

In response to these questions, they can create a piece of art, write a story or poem, or do whatever feels right to them! These creations can be submitted to info@thegalwaymusicresidency.ie and we will display a selection on our website and social media.

Check out the first video here, which teaches us about dynamics.

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