28 May 2021

Mini-interview: Annie Burke

Why did you decide to apply for a placement with Galway Music Residency?

Galway Music Residency's motto that everyone should have the right to love, listen to and learn about music is something I firmly believe in and being a music student, I am passionate about music and the arts in general. Having heard of Galway Music Residency and knowing what amazing things they have done for the Galway Community, I was excited by the possibility of working with them and possibly contributing to the positive impact they have had on Galway as a whole.

Why do you think the Galway Music Residency's work is important?

Galway Music Residency strives to bring music of all genres to the people of Galway and beyond. They have events for people of all ages and are constantly looking for new ways to engage with the community. Through all their different programmes there is something for everyone. GMR’s work inspires people and gets people excited about music which is so important for any community.

What was your favourite Galway Music Residency activity to work on?

I loved working on every activity during my time at the Galway Music Residency. I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to do loads of different tasks and projects in different areas. However, one experience that I will treasure was being a part of the Mighty Ocean production team. Not only did I get to see the ins and outs of how filming and recording something of that magnitude worked, but I also had the pleasure of listening to live music played by some amazing musicians. Having been in lockdown for almost a year, it was such a treat to feel the buzz and electric atmosphere of a live trad performance. 

Do you recall the first time you saw ConTempo Quartet in action?

The first time I remember seeing the quartet play was when they visited NUI Galway and played pieces that we had written for our composition module. This was a huge honour and so exciting! It was amazing to hear the piece that I wrote live however, the fact that it was played by such respected and renowned musicians was just the cherry on top. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my course so far.

How have you enjoyed music during the pandemic?

Music has always been a way for me to express myself, whether its playing the piano or listening. During lockdown, in times of uncertainty, I found myself playing and singing more than I would have usually. I would spend hours at the piano making up songs or learning new ones and this definitely acted as a creative outlet for me. Music was a positive and vital part of my lockdown experience.

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